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The staff at Davis Strength and Conditioning applies principles from all fields of strength and conditioning such as Olympic lifting, plyometric training, anaerobic, and aerobic conditioning through group classes, personal training, open gym, or customized fitness/flexibility/mobility programs. Our training is suitable for any body type, age group, gender, and ability.  No matter what stage of fitness you have we have something that meets your strength and conditioning goals. 



YIJIE GE @dstrength_yg

Yijie is a founding partner of Davis Strength and Conditioning.  He grew up in Davis, graduating from Davis Senior High School in 2003.  He continued his education at UC Davis with a bachelors degree in exercise biology.  While at UC Davis, Yijie furthered his interest in strength and conditioning at Velocity Sports Performance in Rancho Cordova. In 2008, Yijie decided to pursue a master's degree in Kinesiology from Saint Mary's College of California in Moraga.  While at Saint Mary's College, Yijie assisted in the strength and conditioning department while also working as a corporate fitness professional for the HealthFitness corporation.  Now back in his home town, he serves as the strength and conditioning coach of the high school football program.   

Yijie believes that progression and regression are part of any exercise program.  

He believes it is the coach's responsibility to limit or eliminate regression by teaching proper technique and exercise advancements, building from the basics first.

Drew temple @punsandpounds

When Drew was nineteen years old, unhappy with his weight, fitness, and low self esteem, he took long hard look at himself and decided to change his life. Drew spent a year playing around in the gym without seeing much change and having no idea of what a healthy lifestyle was, and he became extremely frustrated with little results. Then one day a co-worker told Drew about CrossFit, and after one workout he was hooked. Drew saw greater results from a ten minute workout than he had in one year on the treadmill.  From there on out, fitness became not just a chore to accomplish, but something Drew could look forward to. After a year of specified and dedicated training, Drew found that he was leaner, stronger, had better self esteem than ever before. Inspired by the results, Drew decided to become a trainer himself.

Drew’s goal and joy is to see others find the same joy in fitness. Every person has different goals, but Drew’s desire is simple:  “I want to help you reach the fitness goals you have always wanted.  So, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, feel good, or be healthy, fit, toned, I will make it my personal task to get you those results.”

Drew has experience training everyone from athletes, over-weight clients, pre/postnatal women, youth and the elderly. 



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