Strength & Conditioning

Improving your strength and muscular endurance is a priority for our staff.  Using proven methods and programs we look to improve your upper and lower body power and explosiveness along with increased quickness and mobility.     


A true passion for Davis Strength and Conditioning.  Most gyms do not provide proper equipment that allows members to experience the full benefits of Olympic style weight lifting.  Clean and snatch variations develop explosive strength and power while also improving flexibility and stability.  Learn how to properly and safely lift weights to ensure effective progression.



Plyometric training is when the body undergoes a sudden shock and must respond to it.  This shock can be developed from a step, lunge, hop, skip, jump, or even a drop.  When the body is trained to respond to this shock correctly, it will react faster and more efficiently.  At Davis Strength and Conditioning we teach the proper biomechanics to accompany plyometric training.  



Imagine you are both a marathoner and powerlifter.  Gymnast and surfer.  Sprinter and rock climber.  Mixed modality training allows a wide spectrum of fitness by offering various training domains in a single training session.  This could be as simple as combining jump rope and weight lifting.  So why?  One, it's fun.  Two, it's time efficient.  This type of training allows us to have the best of all realms without the need to specialize.  Mixed modality training results in performing everyday tasks with remarkable performance.   



Regardless of who you are, you need to be able to move your body.  Training your flexibility is no different than any other type of training.  It takes time and attention.  Learn simple, every day techniques to develop and improve body mechanics, increased range of motion, injury prevention, and body awareness.  Those of you who are tied to a desk all day, this is the program for you.  



While group training is great, some individuals prefer one on one training.  Training sessions provide individual attention to specific needs and improvement in problem areas. Our trainers will provide versatile training programs to fit any need.



Daily classes are available for athletes of all levels. Classes provide a template and structure for improved fitness.  If you are part of a team, try our facility out for team training.  We are also available for off site team training.  Please contact us for a consultation.  


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